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Yoga poses to increase flexibility Mobility for the body
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When it comes to  168  exercise Stretching and yoga, flexibility and mobility are among the topics that many people are interested in.

We offer advice on flexibility and mobility. And flexibility coordination And mobility together To help enhance physical fitness while exercising And get better at sports

Start by choosing the right time to stretch your muscles. And recommend yoga poses that will help us move better And more flexible too

What is the difference between flexibility and mobility?
If summarized Flexibility is the ability of the muscles to stretch. While kinetic mobility is about the movement of the joints as the body moves, shifts and moves with ease and without difficulty or pain.

Pre-workout exercises To increase mobility
To increase mobility and allow joints in the body to move in a variety of ways We can practice the following exercises. Using only our body weight

Before exercise Exercise and prepare the body in 4 parts as follows

Be careful and move your body in different poses. To be flexible

Posture exercises for the body To build flexibility
After exercise Use dynamic stretching or static stretching to make the muscle more flexible. By static stretching it takes longer than dynamic stretching.

Things that we often do go wrong When exercising, do some static stretching before exercise. This can cause muscle injury because we are trying to stretch the cold and tight muscles.

All we have to do is Stretch and care for newly exercised muscles.Stretching after exercise will help relieve muscle stiffness caused by exercise. And helps reduce pain after exercise as well

How does yoga improve your mobility and flexibility?
Once we understand the difference between kinetic mobility and flexibility of the body. We're going to talk about how yoga can help you reach your health and figure goals. Because yoga helps with muscles and joints Therefore I recommend you to do yoga after exercising or playing the next day instead.

Some forms of yoga require more agility and flexibility than others. Take, for example, Acro Yoga, which will test your body's mobility and flexibility.

While Budokon Yoga is another form of yoga that requires not only the flexibility and flexibility of the body. But also having strength and physical strength

Here are some yoga poses that I recommend you try.

Pigeon Pose Yoga

Pigeon pose is a great position to open up your hips and stretch your hips muscles and tendons. The lateral thigh ligament (Iliotibial band: ITB) extends to the outer hip line.

Stretching the thighs extends the hip muscles and reduces the stiffness of the sciatic nerve, which is recommended for people with sciatic problems to do this pose, as this stretches the muscles. The psoas muscle, which is the main muscle that connects the spine to the leg and helps to stretch the groin. And adductor muscles located in the inner thigh


The steering pose extends the hips and inner thighs. Including the spine This exercise works well for your pelvic floor and hip joints.

A synergy between agility and flexibility
Agility and flexibility can be different terms. But in practice, they work together to help enhance your overall fitness while exercising and playing sports.

For example Strained shoulders can cause problems with your joints when moving your body. Therefore, keep practicing exercises that increase both flexibility and agility for your daily exercise schedule.

Yoga is a great addition to any workout after exercising or playing the next day. Remember, if you notice stiffness in your joints or any part of your body. It is wise to practice exercises properly and properly to reduce the risk of injury.

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